Very elaborately restored JAGUAR XK 120 DHC “matching numbers” with documentation and sensible optimisations in top condition.

1954 - JAGUAR Xk 120 DHC - 02

Without doubt, the XK 120 created by Jaguar founder William Lyons is one of the most beautiful vehicles in the history of motoring and still fascinates a large audience worldwide 70 years after its presentation at the “London Motor Show”. The newly designed six-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of 3.5 litres allowed a top speed of 200 km/h, which was considered sensational at the time, while at the same time offering the reliability of the power unit, which in its basic form was still being built until the 1990s!

1954 - JAGUAR Xk 120 DHC - 03

The Cabriolet version shown here (drop head coupe) was built only 1 year from 1953 to 1954 and is with 1.767 units the rarest version of the XK. This vehicle was produced in April 1954 and delivered to California. After the import from the USA it was subjected to a full restoration in Germany, which lasted over ten years and during which all assemblies were renewed. A photo documentation of this work is available. In 2013 the approval in Germany with H-registration followed.

1954 - JAGUAR Xk 120 DHC - 16

During the restoration, the XK received useful technical improvements that further enhance the driving pleasure, such as disc brakes on the front axle, a Getrag 5-speed gearbox, gas pressure shock absorbers and a performance-enhanced cylinder head. The equipment also includes a stainless steel exhaust system and 16″ Dayton spoked wheels. Unlike the Roadster (OTS), the DHC has a lined fabric soft top and burl wood panelling to make driving more comfortable.


The vehicle belongs to an art professor who, due to lack of time, has moved it considerably less than 1,000 km since its restoration. The Drop Head Coupé therefore has only barely visible traces of use and is still technically in a new condition: the quality of the restoration is evident in every detail. In December 2018 the TÜV was renewed, so that the car is immediately ready for registration. The car will also be serviced by a renowned Jaguar specialist before delivery.

1954 - JAGUAR XK 120 DHC - 38

The original colour scheme according to the present Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate was the contemporary popular “birch grey”, which was changed to black plain during the rebuild at the customer’s request and combined with the original red leather interior. This classically elegant colour combination suits the XK extremely well and makes it look timelessly beautiful.

This XK 120 meets all the requirements of a classic car enthusiast: it not only impresses with its undeniable beauty of form and technical reliability, but also offers optimised driving characteristics that make driving a real pleasure. As a rare cabriolet version, the Jaguar is also an option for advanced collectors – or for beginners looking for an alternative investment. But above all it is a feast for the eyes!

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First registration
July, 1th 1954 (USA)
black (black)
Leather burgundy (red)
3.442 cc, 160 hp / 118 kW
R6, 2 SU- Carburettor
300 km (odometer read)
Getrag 5-gear transmission,
Front disc brakes,
Coopercraft brake calipers,
16" Dayton spoked wheels chrome plated,
Leather seats, tinted glass,
Stainless steel exhaust system etc.
TÜV 12/2020, H number plate
"matching numbers" according to
Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate
on request

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