M3 (E46) completely converted into a “CSL” by BMW specialist including 360 hp engine, SMG gearbox and genuine carbon parts.


The M3 has been synonymous with performance in the touring car segment ever
since its first market launch in 1985. With the third version, which as the E46 series made a formal departure from the very restrained lines of its direct predecessor, the E36, BMW consolidated its claim to leadership in this market niche: the so-called “powerdome” on the bonnet and the wider body with modified front apron and air outlets in the wings bear witness to this, as do the dual-flow exhaust system with four pipes and up to 19″ light-alloy wheels.


Already delivered with 343 hp in series production, for a few months from summer 2003 it was also possible to order a further optimised M3 with the name suffix “CSL” (which stood for “Coupé Sport Leichtbau”), which generated 360 hp of power from the high-revving engine. The CSL was only available with the sequential 6-speed gearbox SMG and was equipped with some carbon parts: roof, centre console, door panels, interior mirror, air dams were made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic. To further reduce weight, the boot lid and rear window, among other things, were also made of lighter material.


This limited CSL model was the template for the detailed conversion of this M3 by a BMW specialist, whereby no consideration was given to costs. The interior, which has been significantly modified compared to the standard M3, has also been changed: in addition to the carbon parts, the car also has the bucket seats of the CSL, a lighter rear seat with Amaretta fabric combination and the steering wheel covered with Alcantara. The elaborate conversion is very close to the original CSL and has been implemented with the greatest attention to detail, which is even evident in nuances such as the special emblems of the special model.


The vehicle has the flow-optimised front apron without fog lights with the conspicuous inlet for ventilating the airbox, the boot lid with the rump and rides on the CSL’s special 19″ “Sport” alloy wheels. The use of state-of-the-art materials and the omission of comfort components achieved a weight reduction of almost 200 kg compared to the standard M3, allowing acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h in under 5 seconds, provided the car was driven skilfully. Proper deceleration takes place through the red Movit brake system.


This M3 was registered to the BMW factory in Munich in March 2006 and registered to the first actual owner in January 2007, who had the car transferred from his company to himself privately three years later. The vehicle therefore has the best possible owner history, is fully documented and has a mileage of only 61k kms. Apart from minor stone chips, the BMW is in a very well-kept condition and can be described as as good as new, especially in the interior. The extensive documentation includes the on-board folder as well as numerous model brochures and the sought-after 1:18 model of the CSL by Kyosho.

By many, the E46 series of the M3 is rightly regarded as the most visually appealing version. The colour scheme in the typical CSL “silbergrau” is also an excellent choice for the vehicle. The detailed professional conversion to the rare CSL variant carried out here significantly increases the desirability of the car, especially as the purchase price is far below the level of the few original examples with similar mileage in a comparable state of preservation with the same equipment and performance!

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First registration
March 31st, 2006 (Germany)
grey met. (BMW silbergrau)
Alcantara / Amaretta black
3.246 cc, 360 hp / 265 kW
R6, electronic injection
61.008 kms.  (odometer read)
Complete conversion by BMW
specialist on basis of M3 (E46)
to CSL version including:

power increase to 360 hp,
SMG 6-speed manual gearbox,
19" M alloy wheels and
carbon roof, -air collector,
-centre console & spoiler.

CSL bucket seats & door panels,
Alcantara steering wheel,
Movit brake system etc.
First registration on BMW
(demonstration car),
01/2007-08/2022 in one hand.

Original mileage only 61k kms.
Best possible maintenance condition,
extensive documentation!

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